Beaches of Astakos

– In a place that is … delivered to the embrace of the Ionian Sea, the beaches could not be absent: the central beach of Astakos, at the beginning of the coastal road and right in front of Stratos Hotel, as well as the beach in Goulia (about 1 km from the center of Astakos in the Chovolio district) are exceptional cases of city diving. The second one also works during the summer months and the beautiful chocolate shop, ideal for … a beer or ouzo variety. For the most … advanced ones, along the beach, on the back side of Goulias and over some rocks, there is a small, sandy beach (the only one in Astakos) to have your bath in a more …private environment, under the shade of pine trees! If you still have the pleasure of using a car,head towards about 10 km. in the direction of the neighboring village of Mitika and you will find yourself at the beaches of Velas initially and later of Agrilia for a more … familiar acquaintance with the Ionian Sea. They are successive,luscious sandy beaches – you will know where they are from … the crowded parking lot along the street.

From the most beautiful beaches of Aitoloakarnania, Vathyavali will compensate you if you visit it, with the turquoise waters that will enchant you. There is a beach bar with sun loungers.
Leaving Astakos at a distance of 25 minutes you will find a beach where many are camping out their caravans to spend moments of relaxation and tranquility.
Continuing towards Mitika passing the two beaches of Vela you will find yourself in a nice location that you can enjoy the island of Kalamos.
Just before Paleros you will meet the beach in Vounikis with the picturesque harbor.
A picturesque seaside village named after Mytikas (it has a pointed protrusion of the land to the sea) is located on the west coast of Akarnania, between Astakos and Vonitsa. The beach has pebbles

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