Vasilopoulos Aitoloakarnania “VELA”:

The Association of Vasilopoulos Xiromeriotis Aetonia ‘VELA’ was founded in 1992 by the Athens helicopters. The 30 Founding Members considered it necessary to establish the Association in order to strengthen the relations between the Vassilopoulos who reside in Athens and their assistance to the birthplace. The name of the association “VELA”originated from the well-known place name of the seaside area “VELA”, which belongs to the region of DD. Vasilopoulou.
It is based in Athens and active members are all the Vasilopoulites living in Athens. The corresponding members are all Vasilopouloi independent of residence. In the activities we find sporting and musical events in the village. Dances in Athens. Workshops on issues that occupied the village. Open, popular assemblies and initiatives to develop the Velas coastal area.

Previously, worked on the protection of the marine environment from uncontrolled licenses and illegal extensions of aquaculture units in Astakos-Mytikas.
In the first years of its foundation, tried to make the dream of the fellow villagers a reality, for the use of the Velas area as a holiday resort.
Since 1992  has been publishing the “VELA” newspaper up to date in a quarterly edition. The themes of each time are of great interest. It is, against local authority, in a positive spirit of criticism, and defends the truth and the facts without compromises and retreats.
It is one of the few cultural clubs that did not ask for and never received a grant from the state funds. Its fund is good and the revenues are based on events, subscriptions to the newspaper and subscriptions of their members. It participates and helps every effort to restore ecclesiastical and other monuments.
The term of office of the Board of Directors is two years. Since 1992 he has been an active member of the FEDERATION OF CULTURAL COLLECTIONS OF DRYER (OPSY.X) and is represented every time in the CC. of OPYX by one of its members.

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