Xiromero Cultural Clubs

Xiromero Cultural Clubs:

The Aetolian Cultural Society was founded by the Aitoloakarnani of Athens on December 3, 2001 and with active members of the Aitoloakarnan area, it aims to contribute to the intellectual, cultural and economic development and promotion of the wider region of Western Greece, the former Aitoloakarnania prefectures Evrytania.
Its purpose is to study and promote the history, literature, arts and folk culture of Aetolia and Akarnania and the promotion and protection of the natural and cultural environment of Aetolia and Akarnania.Cultural and Sporting Club of Xiromeros “TORIBIA”:

A non-profit organization called “EMPLOYMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SPORTS ASSOCIATION COMBOSE – TORIBIA” was founded in the town of Ateloacarnania on 8-9-2013 with the distinctive title “THE TORIBIA” and its headquarters in Coboti, Aitoloakarnania.The aims of our club are:
a) To bring together the citizens, who have as their common place of origin, that is, their birthplace and their roots, the local community of Chopin Xiromeros, Aitoloakarnania.
b) To contribute to the cultural advancement of the inhabitants of Cobotis by developing culture, sport, love for the environment, protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the area of Cobotis, and especially the unique beauty of the black fir forest enduring in the area and the castle of ancient Thrias, the development of the arts, the dissemination and application in the lifestyle of modern cultural perception.
c) To study and highlight the history, folk tradition, customs, the particular cultural elements and the historical, archaeological and ecclesiastical monuments of the area o fCoboti, such as the castle of ancient Thrives, and to contribute to their rescue and preservation .
d) To create and organize a dance group performing traditional folk dances.
e) To contribute to the landscaping, grooming and cleanliness of the village and the area of Coboti and the protection of the environment and the forest.
f) To study, promote and resolve the local problems of Cobotis and to inform the public and the authorities about the social, cultural, environmental and sports issues of the area of Coboti
g) To create local sports teams of football, basketball, volleyball and classic sports.
h) To engage in charitable activities by participating in relevant European Union programs, such as free distribution of food to poor residents of Cobotis.

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